Art Alliance Austin is a non-profit that promotes local arts and artists through several events each year. lookthinkmake was asked to help promote the events and the organization through various media. Using photos from previous Art Alliance Austin events, we created a series of swatches that showed all of the colors that the organization had brought to the city over the years. These swatches showed up in print, online advertisements, posters, TV commercials and event collateral. We then invited the city itself to get involved in telling Austin's color story by creating an app that allowed users to create their own swatches and upload them to a shared flickr page. Because in Austin, art makes a city.
With my Creative Director, I created the concept for the "Art Makes a City" campaign. I also designed and produced just about every swatch we made, and named a fair chunk of them. I had the idea for the app, and even though it was completely off-scope, we got it produced anyway thanks to Phunware, a local app development company. I created the initial look for the app, then worked with a designer at Phunware to create the final product.
The Art Makes a City campaign won Gold at the 2012 Summit Awards, Bronze at the 2012 Austin Addy's, and was included in PRINT's 2012 Regional Design Annual.
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