This course focuses on conceptual thinking techniques and strategy-based problem solving for various media and projects.
Project 1: Icon Systems
The students are required to create a system of icons as a way to communicate concepts without words or text of any kind. There is a strong focus on consistency in style, clarity of communication, and uniqueness.
Project 2: Posters
The students must make a poster design for an event or organization, focusing on messaging, composition, and ability to stand out visually.
Project 3: Packaging
The students are required to create a brand and packaging options for a product of their own creation with a unique selling point.
Mary Inovejas  |  Icon Systems  |  Spring 2016
Shandi Manning  |  Icon Systems  |  Spring 2017
Daniel Marzari  |  Icon Systems  |  Spring 2016
Jose Moreno  |  Icon Systems  |  Spring 2017
Lauren Nelson  |  Poster Design  |  Spring 2016
Matt Rios  |  Poster Design  |  Spring 2016
Mary Inovejas  |  Packaging Design  |  Spring 2016
Meredith Marlowe   |  Packaging Design  |  Spring 2017
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